A truly innovative approach to motorsport promotion.

Through positive, direct action and sheer determination, our goal is to motivate and inspire the next generation of motorsport and automotive enthusiasts and to create a greater appreciation between the multitude of disciplines within the sport.

Follow our exciting journey over the course of the 2020 season and beyond as we encourage, help and motivate more people than ever into the sport we all love and enjoy. We will also continue to bring you never seen before, in depth features on a broad range of motorsport disciplines and industry specialists, cross promoting and networking for the industry along the way.

Our vast experience and network within textiles and manufacturing coupled with our passion and keen eye for detail ensures that if you are wearing a piece of our carefully thought out merchandise or we are working with you on a full turn key apparel and accessories solution for your team or business, you can be assured that you are working with a highly professional organisation that prides itself on quality and customer service.

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