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Steeda Billet Oil Cap Cover


Simple install, just peel and stick, no tools required!

Fits Vehicle Models
Focus ST 2013+
Fiesta ST 2013+
Focus mk3 Ecoboost 2012+
Fiesta mk7 Ecoboost 2013+
Fiesta mk7 1.6 Zetec 2009+

part:  555-0641 

Steeda Black Gear Knob


Steeda’s chunky black gear knob looks great and is great to shift with. Our shift knobs are designed to maintain the factory reverse lockout and are a snap to install.

Product Benefits

  • Super comfortable feel
  • Designed to match your interior
  • Fully made in the USA!
  • Available in Black Finish

Fits Vehicle Models with pull up reverse including:

Ford Focus ST 250 / Ford Focus RS
Ford Fiesta ST 180

S550 Mustang

Steeda part:

Steeda Cue Ball Shift Knob


Increase the style of your 2015-2017 Mustang GT or EcoBoost interior with Steeda’s¬† 6-Speed Black Shift Knob.¬†It will fit directly onto your OE shifter handle in addition to our popular Tri-Ax Short Throw Shifters.

These iconic Steeda Cue Balls also fit onto the modern mk3 Focus including ST and RS as well as Fiesta ST as they use the “pull up reverse lockout”, so they can also benefit from some Steeda style!

Installation is very easy as this Steeda shift knob will only require a few minutes of your time to install.

Product Benefits

  • Classic cue ball design
  • Provides improved grip during shifting
  • Very easy to install
  • Comfortable shifter feel
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in Gloss Black or Gloss White
  • Looks great in the cabin!
  • Normally in stock
  • Weighs approx 90g

203-E216ULSI20 – Gloss Black
203-E226ULSI20 – Gloss White


DO NOT over-tighten when installing! Use a lock nut and/or loctite. Over-tightening can (and will) result in a broken shift knob.


Steeda Fiesta Billet Battery Strap


Lightweight, and easy to install, takes less than five minutes. Also, the part requires no permanent modifications to the car and is a great way to dress up your engine bay!

Product Benefits

  • Made from high quality billet aluminium
  • Adds styling to your engine bay
  • Made in the United States
  • Usually in stock in the UK

Steeda part: 555-0680

Compatible with:

Fiesta mk7¬† 2008 –
Fiesta mk6  2001-2007  (NOT cars with Air Conditioning, check if your bat strap is separate or attached to an extra part)
Fiesta mk5  1997-2001  (NOT cars with Air Conditioning, check if your bat strap is separate or attached to an extra part)
Puma  1997-2001           (NOT cars with Air Conditioning, check if your bat strap is separate or attached to an extra part)
B-Max 2008 -2012       (NOT cars with Air Conditioning, check if your bat strap is separate or attached to an extra part)

Steeda Focus Aluminium Dead Pedal


We use aerospace quality 6061 billet aluminium to carve this dead pedal from a solid piece of aluminium.
Buy with confidence, your Steeda Focus dead pedal is backed by Steeda’s LIFETIME WARRANTY.
Steeda proudly manufactures our products in the United States out of our Valdosta, Georgia manufacturing plant.

Product Benefits

  • Premium quality aerospace aluminium
  • Fully made in the United States
  • Installs with basic tools
  • Normally in stock in the UK

Fits Vehicle Models  РNOTE: FIT for LEFT HAND DRIVE ONLY

Steeda Part: 555-1265

2012+ Ford Focus – All models inc ST & RS

Steeda Focus Anodized Billet Aluminium Hood Latch


Our Steeda Focus Anodized Billet Aluminium Hood Latch are available in anodized Red or Black or polished aluminium. The hood latch mounts directly to the OEM location using the OEM spring. Our hood latch comes with our Steeda lifetime warranty.

Product Benefits

  • Manufactured from 6061 Aluminium for strength
  • Anodized red looks great under the hood
  • Direct fit, OEM replacement
  • Made in the USA
  • Usually in stock in the UK

Part Numbers:

RED:    555-0693 
BLACK: 555-0694
POLISHED: 555-0695

Fitment: Focus mk3 inc ST & RS

Steeda Focus mk3 Billet Interior Hood Latch


This Steeda Ford Focus mk3 Billet Aluminium Interior Hood Latch will look great on the inside of your Focus, including the Focus ST and Focus RS and is available in plain billet (i.e silver) or anodized red or black to match your interior scheme.

Our Focus Billet Aluminium Interior Hood Latch was designed to completely replace your flimsy factory plastic interior hood latch. We took our design a step further by redesigning the shape of this lever to be more ergonomic – the stock interior lever is a flat plastic piece that could make it hard to gain leverage to pull it and pop your hood. With our Steeda interior hood latch you will notice popping the hood is easier due to the curvature of the billet piece.

After continued use during mod installation you may find the OEM latch to have more play, on the verge of breaking or has actually broken. Steeda has engineered a great solution to your interior hood latch problems – by replacing your stock interior hood latch with our billet aluminium replacement you can prevent any mishaps in the future.

We have created this interior latch from lightweight and strong aluminium to assure it never breaks again. Designed and manufactured in our facility in Valdosta, Georgia you can ensure this aluminium interior hood latch is nothing short of the quality you’ve come to expect from Steeda!

Product Benefits

  • Manufactured out of billet aluminum for strength and longevity
  • Available: POLISHED, RED or BLACK finishes
  • Curved design gives you more leverage when popping your hood
  • Adds style to your Focus mk3 interior
  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Steeda Warranty
  • Normally in stock

Part Number:
555-1248 РBillet 
555-1248-R – Red
555-1248-B – Black

Steeda Focus Polished Fuse Box Cover Plate


Steeda Focus Polished Fuse Box Cover Plate for 2012-2018 MK3 Ford Focus is designed to enhance the appearance of your Focus engine bay. The polished stainless steel plate stands out in the engine bay and will set you apart from other Focus owners in car shows.

Our Steeda Focus Polished Fuse Box Cover Plate for 2012-2018 Focus is made from stainless steel and is precision laser cut using CNC machinery for a perfect fit. The fuse box cover plate adheres securily to your fuse box cover using the included tube of premium grade silicone adhesive and will not peel off like other covers that use double sided adhesive tape. This high quality piece is made in the U.S.A. and installs in just minutes!

Product Benefits

  • ¬† ¬† Made from high grade polished stainless steel
  • ¬† ¬† Easy to install
  • ¬† ¬† A nice dress up piece for your engine bay
  • ¬† ¬† Usually available in the UK

Time of Install
5 Minutes

Level of Difficulty
Tools Needed
No Tools

Steeda part: 555-0682

Note: This product fits all Focus models.

US Customer Reviews

“This little part adds a big difference in the way the engine bay looks. And when paired with the Steeda intake finishes off the look!”

Steeda Focus ST / RS Pedal Kit


Steeda Focus Premium Aluminum Pedal kit or race focussed Heel/Toe Pedal Kit for 2013-2018 MK3 Ford Focus ST and 2016+ RS is designed to enhance the appearance of your Focus ST/RS interior. The added width to the accelerator pedal for the race application allows for easier manipulation between the go pedal and the brake pedal.This pedal kit is perfect match to the Steeda billet dead pedal sold here (Dead pedal is LHD only fitment)

Our Steeda Focus Premium Aluminum Heel/Toe Pedal Kit is made from aerospace quality 6061 billet aluminum, in our manufacturing plant in Valdosta, Georgia. We take so much confidence in our manufacturing and quality of products that we are proud to offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on these Steeda Focus Heel/Toe Pedal Kit.

Product Benefits

  • Wider gas pedal allows for easy manipulation of gas and brake pedal
  • Premium quality aerospace aluminum
  • Installs with basic tools
  • Lifetime Steeda Warranty

555-1266 – Regular Pedal Kit
555-1267 – Heel / Toe Pedal Kit


Steeda Focus ST / RS Short Shifter


Manufactured and designed in house by Steeda’s engineering team. 3 position adjustment at the shifter combined with the shifter bracket allows throw reductions of 32, 38, and 44 percent.

Our shifter retains the full functionality of the reverse lockout and this kit comes complete with all required hardware and instructions.

Product Benefits

  • Adjustable throw reduction
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Improved shift feel and accuracy
  • Full reverse lockout retention
  • Usually in stock in the UK

Installation Instructions

Download the Steeda Focus ST / RS Shifter Kit installation instructions by,clicking here.

555-7239  (kit)
555-7241 – Shift Lever only

Fits Vehicle Models

2013 + Ford Focus ST
2016 + Ford Focus RS


Fast Ford Review Feature (Click Here to open):


Reviewed by alien_yet_familiar
alien_yet_familiar bought “Steeda Focus ST Short Throw Shifter Kit – 13-14 ST” on our website
09/23/2013 – 01:50:42 PM
Great product
This shifter is the second Steeda short-throw shifter I’ve got in my driveway – my ’98 SVT Contour is sporting the other. Steeda makes a great product, and I’ll definitely be coming back for more.

The installation was not too terrible – it says tech recommended on the website, but I had very little difficulty with the overall installation. The allen-head screws on the bottom of the bracket in the engine bay were the hardest part for me – very difficult and time-consuming to tighten with hand tools. I wish the instructions had color pictures – the black and white ones can make it a bit hard to distinguish what you’re aiming for sometimes.

The feel of the shifter has vastly improved, going from a slightly rubbery, longish throw to a short, precise, very positive one. There seems to be a bit more effort required to shift, but instead of moving my entire arm to shift, I can do it with just a flick of my wrist. I set mine at the greatest amount of throw reduction. I like that the height of the knob is not drastically changed. Overall, this is one of the best things I’ve done to my ST. I wish I’d done it sooner!

Reviewed by jsly25
09/23/2013 – 12:20:56 PM
Nice nice nice!!
I love the way my car shifts with this shifter and bracket! Its like driving a totally different car. Opening up the box when it came in the mail I was amazed with the craftsmanship of this product and after installing it, it was worth every penny!

Reviewed by yellowfocusstman
03/07/2013 – 01:12:02 AM
Best Short Throw Shifter ever!
I just installed my Steeda Short Throw Shifter on my 2013 Focus ST and this thing is awesome! I purchased the kit, which comes with the bracket and the shifter. I installed the bracket first and went for a drive and the throws were reduced significantly. I then installed the shifter and WOW! I’m going to have to get used to driving my car again!
What a great mod for the Focus ST!

Steeda Focus ST Anodized Billet Aluminium Hood Latch


Our hood latches will also look great when showing off your Ecoboost powerhouse’s engine bay….. hopefully featuring a bunch of Steeda power boosting goodies!

Our Steeda Focus ST Anodized Billet Aluminium Hood Latch are available in Anodized Black with a laser engraved ST logo and plain aluminium with an engraved ST logo. The hood latch mounts directly to the OEM location using the OEM spring. Our hood latch comes with our Steeda lifetime warranty.

Product Benefits

  • Manufactured from 6061 Aluminium for strength
  • Anodized red looks great under the hood
  • Direct fit, OEM replacement
  • Made in the USA
  • Usually available in the UK



Part Numbers:
BLACK: 555-0691
POLISHED: 555-0692

Steeda MK3+ Focus Accelerator Pedal Spacer ST / RS / All (2013-2018 )


Steeda’s billet 6061 aluminum Accelerator Spacer is a lightweight upgrade that won’t lighten your wallet. Install is an easy 15 minute parking lot procedure requiring a 13mm socket, extension and ratchet handle.

The Mk3 Focus is a well designed, solid performer that could use a little help in stock form to take full advantage of the car’s full performance potential. Steeda’s US manufactured spacer is a new product developed to make your daily driving experience more pleasurable and improve your lap times at the track.

The Mk3 Focus ST and RS have a glaring error when it comes to the accelerator pedal height. When compared to the brake pedal, the accelerator pedal height makes it nearly impossible to heel and toe rev-match properly. Steeda’s 3/8″ thick spacer moves the accelerator pedal out closer in plane with the brake pedal for easier heel and toe rev-match. This equates to faster speed through the corners as well as perfect launches from a dead stop.

Product features:

  • Optimal spacing for heel and toe shifts
  • Lightweight 6061 solid billet construction
  • Spaces gas pedal out 3/8″ for better reach

Part: 555-1281

STEEDA INSTALL TIP: If the studs are not long enough to tighten up sufficiently it usually means you have the spacer the wrong way round! Make sure it is fitted securely and correctly.


Steeda Mustang Billet Oil Separator (GT) – Universal


Our oil separator is crafted from aerospace grade billet aluminum for light weight and great looks. Connects to PCV hose to prevent oil and crankcase vapors from getting into the intake manifold and decreasing your fuel octane.

Fully sealed to ensure no vacuum leaks, and simple to service. Holds up to three ounces of fluid for service intervals lapsing each oil change.

Looks great and matches with the rest of our line of underhood dress up items.

Includes hardware for installation.

Natural Billet Aluminum Construction, not engraved. Comes with OEM vacuum hose for 11-14 GT’s. Designed for 3/8″ and 1/2″ PCV systems.

E.O. #. This part has been designed and is intended for off-road application only.

Product Benefits

  • Fits any car with a 3/8″ or 1/2″ vacuum system
  • Lightweight Aerospace Grade Aluminum
  • Matches Steeda’s line-up of bling caps
  • Simple to service
  • Simple to install

part: 555-3713

Fitment: Universal kit: adapt to suit install vehicle.

Steeda OBD II Cover


This OBD II port cover will ward-off any dealers or shops from reprogramming your vehicle, which would over write your aftermarket performance tune and render your expensive tuner useless. 

Made from high grade billet aluminium, this piece wont break like a plastic cover could.

This piece is simple to install and installation only takes a few seconds. Easily removes to access the port at a later time.

Note:This piece is designed for a precise and snug fit. A bit of force may be needed when installing on some vehicles.

Product Benefits

  • Hard anodized and laser engraved
  • Prevents technicians from flashing your computer without telling you
  • Fits ANY OBD II equipped vehicle [dependent on port placement]
  • Normally in stock in the UK

Part: 555-1260

Steeda S550 GT Billet Idler Pulleys


A great choice to dress up your 2015-2020 5.0L GT engine bay!

Product Benefits

  • Made to be stronger than the OEM pulleys.
  • Made from Aerospace grade aluminium.
  • Looks great!
  • Normally In Stock

Part: 555 3366

Fitment: GT V8

Steeda S550 Mustang Billet 3 Bolt Water Pump Pulley


Our billet water pump pulley weighs in at slightly over one pound which is one third less weight than the factory water pump pulley to help reduce accessory drive rotating mass. Used by coyote stock guys everywhere!

Retains the factory pulley diameter to ensure no changes in water pump flow or requiring serpentine belt changes. Easy to install and requires no permanent modifications to the vehicle. Comes with stainless steel hardware.

Product benefits:

  • Lightweight (1/3rd of stock)
  • Looks great
  • Reduces Rotating Mass for Engine
  • Easy to Install
  • No need to change belt
  • Normally in stock



Part: 555-3367

Fitment: Mustang GT V8